Project 1: Exposures to Air Pollutants and Birth Outcomes

Does the exposure to air pollution increase the risk of birth defects or premature birth?


Project 2: Immune Function and Allergic Conditions

How does air pollution contribute to allergic disease?


Project 3: Exposure to Air Pollutants and Obesity

How does air pollution impact metabolism, diabetes and obesity?


Project 4: Transit Exposures of Pregnant Women

How do the transit patterns of pregnant women impact the health of their developing fetuses?


Previous Project:


FACES - Fresno Asthmatic Children's Environment Study

How do exposures to air pollution impact short-term and long-term asthmatic exacerbation in children?


Photo Credits:

Project 2 Banner Photo taken by NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases), and can be found here.

Project 3 Banner Photo taken by David Prasad, and can be found here.

Project 4 Banner Photo taken by Frank Bonilla, and can be found here.